Have you read all 33 books? Refresh your memory with this handy-dandy checklist!

Happy_Hollisters_Front_Cover____ The Happy Hollisters (volume 1)
The Happy Hollisters move to Shoreham, where Mr. Hollister is opening The Trading Post, a combination hardware, sporting goods, and toy store. They arrive at their new home and discover that one of the moving vans, loaded with their toys and one of Mr. Hollisters inventions, has been stolen. They also hear from their new neighborhood friends that their new home is haunted – with a treasure hidden somewhere inside!
Original hardcover copyright 1953
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2010

RIVER_TRIP_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters on a River Trip (volume 2)
Fishing on the Muskong River, Pete Hollister catches a large fish with a mysterious tag on its tail, which inspires a fishing contest at The Trading Post.  During the contest, a friend of the Hollister children, Bobby Reed, disappears in an old leaky boat, and the Happy Hollisters set off on a river adventure in their Uncle Russ’s boat to search of the missing boy.
Original hardcover copyright 1953
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

SEA_GULL_BEACH_frontcover____ The Happy Hollisters at Sea Gull Beach (volume 3)
Mr. Hollister’s brother, Uncle Russ, is a newspaper cartoonist and he is visiting Sea Gull Beach to do some sea-life sketches. He has heard tales of a wrecked pirate ship on the beach and invites the family to join him for a vacation and help look for it. He gives them a lighthouse lamp as a gift, and when the children discover an emerald hidden inside, they are more eager than ever to find the pirate ship and see if more jewels are buried with it.
Original hardcover copyright 1953
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

INDIAN_TREASURE_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Indian Treasure (volume 4)
The Happy Hollisters learn about a long-lost Indian turquoise mine in the mountains of New Mexico from their new friend, Indy Roades. Mr. Hollister decides to take the family out west to buy Indian trinkets for The Trading Post, giving the children the opportunity to search for the missing mine. The children learn to shoot bows and arrows and ride horses bareback with new Indian friends while they search for the lost mine and foil a group of turquoise thieves.
Original hardcover copyright 1953
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

MYSTERY_MOUNTAIN_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters at Mystery Mountain (volume 5)
While staying at the New Mexico ranch of family friends, the Happy Hollisters discover a map that leads to the cave of ancient dollmakers, long-buried beneath a nearby mountain. As they follow the clues from the map, the children cross paths with sheep rustlers and hear stories of a mysterious mountain “monster” from a superstitious old ranch hand.
Original hardcover copyright 1954
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

Snowflake Cover____ The Happy Hollisters at Snowflake Camp (volume 6)
The Hollister family is invited to spend their Thanksgiving vacation at Snowflake Camp, a winter resort in Canada run by their grandparents. They have fun learning to ski and drive a dog sled, but the excitement really begins when they uncover a mystery involving a sled dog trainer who has gone missing, along with his valuable Eskimo dog puppies.
Original hardcover copyright 1954
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

TRADING_POST_MYSTERY_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Trading Post Mystery (volume 7)
The family’s new pet, Domingo the donkey, arrives from New Mexico with a riddle attached to his halter. With Christmas approaching, the Hollisters plan to use Domingo to deliver donated gifts to the poor children of Shoreham. A life-size model of Santa and his reindeer will be used to collect the gifts at The Trading Post, but the model is stolen. At the same time, more riddles are delivered by Domingo, and the Happy Hollisters have a baffling puzzle to solve before their Christmas plans are ruined!
Original hardcover copyright 1954
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

CIRCUS_ISLAND_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters at Circus Island (volume 8)
In search of a houseboat for a customer, Mr. Hollister plans a trip to Florida for his family. Just before they leave, two French poodles are stolen from a local dog show in which the Hollister’s dog, Zip, has also been entered. Arriving at Circus Island, the summer home of the Sunshine Circus, the Hollisters are amazed to learn there is a curious and sinister connection between the houseboat, the stolen dogs, and the circus clown.
Original hardcover copyright 1955
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2012

SECRET_FORT_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Secret Fort (volume 9)
Construction of the Pine Lake Parkway near Shoreham unearths clues to the whereabouts of Fort Freedom, a Revolutionary War stockade that has long since disappeared. The Happy Hollisters are keen to discover the original site of the fort, not only for its historic value, but also for the gold treasure supposedly hidden there by early settlers.
Original hardcover copyright 1955
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2012

MERRY-GO-ROUND_front_cover from CreateSpace____ The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery (volume 10*)
A carnival at Lincoln School is to feature merry-go-round rides to raise money for charity, and Pete Hollister finds two carousels to borrow for the event. An important gear from one of the machines is lost, however, and then vandals set fire to the booths and decorations just before the carnival opens. The Happy Hollisters are determined to find out whether a professional carnival in town is behind the mysterious and potentially dangerous interferences.
*Volume 11 in some collections, due to a printing error
Original hardcover copyright 1955 
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2012

PONY_HILL_FARM_frontcover____ The Happy Hollisters at Pony Hill Farm (volume 11*)
The Happy Hollisters purchase a hobbyhorse at an estate sale, and discover that it may hold the key to a friend’s much-needed inheritance. The mystery deepens as they travel to a horse farm owned by their cousins. There they learn trick riding, enter a horse show, and find a beautiful appaloosa pony that figures into the puzzle of the inheritance.
*Volume 10 in some collections, due to a printing error
Original hardcover copyright 1956 
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2013

Old Clipper Ship Cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Old Clipper Ship (volume 12)
The Happy Hollisters travel to Boston with their new friends, Hawaiian Tom King and famous film stars Gregory Grant and Lisa Sarno. They help Tom King track down the log book from an old clipper ship that will help him prove his ancestry for an inheritance, and are also thrilled to be given small parts in a movie being made about a clipper ship captain.
Original hardcover copyright 1956
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2013

Lizard Cove cover____ The Happy Hollisters at Lizard Cove (volume 13)
Visiting Puerto Rico for their winter vacation, the Happy Hollisters discover a large stone that is engraved with clues to a pirate’s treasure buried somewhere on the island. As they crisscross the island in search for more clues, they have fun sightseeing, learning about the history of Puerto Rico, and learning Spanish from their new Puerto Rican friends.
Original hardcover copyright 1957

Scarecrow Mystery Google Image____ The Happy Hollisters and the Scarecrow Mystery (volume 14)
After a robbery at The Trading Post, Mr. Hollister is worried about his collapsible canoe invention, but the only items stolen are a Geiger counter and some pickaxes. The Hollisters go camping to test the canoe in a nearby forest with a lake and rapids, but are warned away by a talking scarecrow. Mysterious events in the forest lead back to the theft at the store and an exciting search for uranium.
Original hardcover copyright 1957

Totem Faces____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Totem Faces (volume 15)
A neighbor of the Hollister family is an old gold miner who tells the children about a totem pole that was lost many years before in Alaska with a clue to a treasure hidden inside it. The children are thrilled, therefore, when Uncle Russ announces he is traveling to Alaska to do research and invites them to join him. The children outsmart a sinister thief while learning about Alaskan traditions and ways of life that are very different from their own.
Original hardcover copyright 1958

Ice Carnival from Google Images____ The Happy Hollisters and the Ice Carnival Mystery (volume 16)
Mr. Hollister has placed an order with a French-Canadian sleigh maker, and is concerned when it doesn’t arrive. With Mardi Gras and the Winter Carnival fast approaching, he takes the children to visit their grandparents in Quebec, and sets them on the trail of the missing sleigh. In their efforts to solve the case, they also learn French and take part in the parade at the Winter Carnival.
Original hardcover copyright 1958

Skyscraper Amazon____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery in Skyscraper City (volume 17)
Pete Hollister finds a mysterious plea for help tucked inside a book about the tunnels of New York City.  With the help of his new detective kit, he discovers invisible ink has been used and there is more to the message – in Chinese! Mr. Hollister has business with a toymaker in Chinatown, and takes the children on a short vacation where they learn about the Chinese way of life as they track clues leading to a treasure hidden in the tunnels beneath Manhattan.
Original hardcover copyright 1959

Little Mermaid____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Little Mermaid (volume 18)
The Happy Hollisters leave the Western Hemisphere for the first time and travel to Denmark. Their adventures begin even before their plane lands. A porcelain replica of Copenhagen’s famed mermaid statue, which belongs to an assistant of the Queen of Denmark, is stolen during their overseas flight, and a strange, bearded fellow passenger is suspected at once. Tracking his movements across the Danish countryside, the Happy Hollisters uncover a ring of international thieves and are rewarded by the Queen.
Original hardcover copyright 1960

missiletown1____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery at Missile Town (volume 19)
Another trip to Florida, this time to visit Uncle Walt, a rocket expert. The Hollister children help their cousins, Sharon and Randy, look for a very special treasure: the valuable nose cone of an exploded missile. Their adventures become even more exciting when Lady Rhesus, a monkey used in space exploration, is stolen. Her tracks lead the children to a boat loaded with deep-sea radar devices, and they realize that someone else is looking for the same treasure.
Original hardcover copyright 1961

Cowboy Mystery Cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Cowboy Mystery (volume 20)
Mrs. Hollister and the children drive across the country to Nevada. Their friends at the Tumbling K Ranch are hoping to sell their property, but strange lights and eerie events are scaring away prospective buyers. The children are sure they can solve the mystery, but their road trip is fraught with danger, as an evil-looking man seems to be following them. And when they arrive out west, they learn they have a group of antelope rustlers to deal with as well.
Original hardcover copyright 1961

HAUNTED_HOUSE_front_cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Haunted House Mystery (volume 21)
Pete and Pam Hollister apply for the job of ghost hunter at the Antique House in Shoreham, where the spinning wheel sings and the grandfather clock strikes 13. They enlist the help of the other members of the Shoreham Detective Club to find clues to the spooky occurrences, and through a new friend who is deaf, they learn the finger alphabet and use it to send top-secret messages.
Original hardcover copyright 1962
Reissued in paperback and eBook 2011

Lucky Coins from Google____ The Happy Hollisters and the Secret of the Lucky Coins (volume 22)
In the roots of a tree torn down by a tornado, Pete finds an unusual rare coin that hints to a treasure. As the family races to solve the mystery, a famous coin collection is stolen from a museum. With the help of a friendly forester, the Happy Hollisters solve both mysteries and are rewarded with a special prize.
Original hardcover copyright 1962

Castle Rock cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Castle Rock Mystery (volume 23)
Strange lights have been seen at night over the Hollisters’ home, and then the parachute and white box from a weather balloon land on their front lawn. Their sleuthing leads them to a rock quarry which may be the source of some valuable minerals and the hiding place of a laboratory for weather experiments – but the deep quarry pool may also be hiding a monster!
Original hardcover copyright 1963

Cuckoo Clock Image from Google____ The Happy Hollisters and the Cuckoo Clock Mystery (volume 24)
Pete finds a German message inside the door of a broken cuckoo clock. Its puzzling translation leads the family to a vacation in Germany, where they hope to find out more about the message from the wood carver who made the clock. Unfortunately, the damaged clock is stolen from Ricky just as they are boarding the plane for Europe. Their adventures to recover the stolen clock include a thrilling boat ride and the opportunity to learn German.
Original hardcover copyright 1963

Swiss Echo from Google____ The Happy Hollisters and the Swiss Echo Mystery (volume 25)
Visiting Switzerland, the Happy Hollisters meet an insurance agent who is investigating the theft of a large diamond. The children find a large black key and a metal disc that may be important clues to the diamond’s whereabouts, but the insurance agent’s plane has been reported missing in the Alps. The Hollisters learn all about Alpine life and customs as they follow each new lead that they find.
Original hardcover copyright 1963

Sea Turtle Google____ The Happy Hollisters and the Sea Turtle Mystery (volume 26)
Pam and Pete rescue a Seminole Indian from a near-drowning in Pine Lake and are invited to visit his home in the Everglades. They learn that their new friend is a deputy sheriff who is hunting a gang of thieves who are illegally killing giant sea turtles and stealing their eggs. They convince him of their detective skills and soon are hot on the trail of the poachers.
Original hardcover copyright 1964

1111724733_01_LZZZZZZZ____ The Happy Hollisters and the Punch and Judy Mystery (volume 27)
The Happy Hollisters have a new friend, an Italian girl who is visiting Shoreham. She tells them that she thinks her Uncle Giovanni, a famous puppeteer, has been kidnapped in Rome. It seems that there is nothing they can do to help, but then Pam wins a trip to Italy in a contest! Mrs. Hollister and her children combine their search for Uncle Giovanni with side trips to many famous Italian landmarks.
Original hardcover copyright 1964

b360a2c008a0afb114d78010_L__SL500_AA300_____ The Happy Hollisters and the Whistle-Pig Mystery (volume 28)
The Hollisters’ German woodcarver friend asks them to get him the dimensions of a wooden Indian statue from a museum in New England. Indy Roades agrees to take them, but the statue is stolen before they get the measurements. Perhaps coincidentally, there is a train robbery in the same town and suddenly the children are deep in two mysteries. Sue befriends a family of groundhogs (whistle-pigs) who play a big part in the solution of both mysteries.
Original hardcover copyright 1964

Ghost Horse cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Ghost Horse Mystery (volume 29)
The Audubon Society and world-famous Lippizzan horses play important roles in this mystery, which takes place on Wicket-ee-nock Island. Someone is trying to scare the Happy Hollisters away from the island, and they are determined to find out why. A diamond-encrusted coat-of-arms and a secret tunnel provide important clues, but the children experience some harrowing adventures as they try to figure out how all the clues are connected.
Original hardcover copyright 1965

Golden Witch Google Image____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Golden Witch (volume 30)
A spooky Halloween mystery begins with a simple trip to the country to buy a pumpkin. The children stumble upon an ancient gravestone behind a barn, discover some large footprints in the mud, and meet a man who is desperate to find a certain weathervane in the shape of a golden witch. There is a mysterious connection between these clues, and little Sue Hollister unwittingly finds the solution.
Original hardcover copyright 1966

Mexican Idol cover scan____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Mexican Idol (volume 31)
Uncle Russ has a map to a lost temple in Mexico that he is researching for his cartoon strip, but the map is stolen from his briefcase. All of the Hollisters head for the jungles of Yucatan to help him locate the temple using other clues. In the process they help to break up a gang of thieves who have been looting Mexican temples and monuments.
Original hardcover copyright 1967

Monster Mystery Google Cover____ The Happy Hollisters and the Monster Mystery (volume 32)
The Shoreham Detective Club is busy organizing a toy library at their school, when reports of monsters and flying saucers start coming in from all over town. The children start investigating at once, but are hampered by a mysterious pilot and a very unusual kidnapping.
Original hardcover copyright 1969

midnight trolls from google____ The Happy Hollisters and the Mystery of the Midnight Trolls (volume 33)
This adventure stretches from Shoreham to Canada to Iceland. Mr. Hollister plans to enter his experimental sailplane in an international competition in Iceland, but the machine is pirated before the event. Gram Hollister, who lives in Canada, asks for the children’s help in solving a mystery involving trolls. She introduces them to a new blind friend who teaches them to read Braille and helps them to see how both mysteries are related.
Original hardcover copyright 1970

Volumes 1-12 and 21 are currently available in paperback and eBook on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and www.TheHappyHollisters.com  The remaining volumes will be reissued, several each year, until the entire series is available again!


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